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EPOXFLOOR SL is a low viscosity epoxy self leveling system developed specifically for industrial applications. It is designed to provide optimum application and adhesion properties on properly prepared concrete substrates.
EPOXFLOOR SL it's a rigid epoxy floor system with high tensile strength, impact resistance, abrasion resistance, excellent chemical resistance and scratch resistance.
EPOXFLOOR EP100 is mainly used for heavy duty industrial floors.


  • 100% Solids, Zero VOCs
  • Low Viscosity.
  • Formulated as a System with NCI EPOXY FLOOR Products.
  • Provides high tensile strength, abrasion resistance and impact resistance.
  • Excellent adhesion onto marginally pretreated concrete.
  • Very good mechanical and chemical resistance.


  • Heavy duty factories.
  • Warehouses.
  • Parking decks.
  • Showrooms.
  • Supermarkets.

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